Why men should care about their hormones too.

It doesn’t just affect women

There is a common misconception about hormonal imbalance, we seem to think that this only affects women, but the truth is that men can suffer from a hormonal imbalance too. Men can suffer from hormonal imbalance, however, they don’t have the abrupt changes most women do.

There is a lot of research and studies on the impact of hormones on men and how they can have a hormonal imbalance. We would love to explain to you what hormonal imbalance is, the changes in hormones men face in their 30s, and some treatments we can provide to you to help with male hormonal imbalance.

Male hormonal changes in their 40s

Testosterone is the male sex hormone. Throughout a man’s life, testosterone levels rise and decline over time. During puberty (around the ages of 10 and 13 years old), testosterone levels are at the highest level because it triggers changes in a boy’s body to become a man. Testosterone makes the penis and testicles bigger, triggers hair growth on the face and pubic area, makes the voice deeper, and also, boys get bigger and stronger.

As we can see, testosterone is a very important hormone for men, It allows them to increase sex drive and production of sperm for reproduction. Naturally, as men get older, testosterone levels begin to slowly decrease. This decline in testosterone is often referred to as Andropause.

Did you know that men have a 1% testosterone decrease every year after the age of 40?

Andropause is a term used to describe male menopause. It is an age-related hormonal change in males, specifically in testosterone levels. It is compiled by a group of symptoms that affect some men at different levels. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Low libido
  • Problems getting erections
  • Decrease in muscular mass
  • Having trouble focusing or thinking
  • Low mood or being easily irritable.
  • Infertility
  • Breast discomfort
  • Hot flushes and sweats
  • Unstable blood sugar
  • Low blood pressure

It is important to mention that low testosterone levels often go unnoticed. This is the reason why we recommend regular testosterone checks and consult with your doctor about remedies, medicines, or treatment to bring the testosterone levels back to normal.

BioTE as a treatment for Male Hormonal Imbalance

For many years ago, hormone replacement therapy has been an innovative and effective method to help countless people struggling with hormonal imbalance. Biote has helped many patients with their unique approach to hormone therapy for men using pellet hormone therapy.

Unlike the common treatments to fight hormonal imbalance in men, Biote’s Method of bioidentical hormone replacement for men uses customized pellets containing bioidentical testosterone. This treatment helps fight many different symptoms related to hormonal imbalance.

The customized pellets used for male BHRT are high-quality and custom-made with bioidentical testosterone. In a quick in-office appointment, the pellets are inserted subcutaneously through the patient’s upper buttocks. Each pellet lasts for about two to four weeks after the insertion. Its effects and results may begin to alleviate some unwanted symptoms during the first insertion. However, everyone’s body reacts differently and some patients report feeling the complete benefits after the second insertion.

Can Zen Medi Spa help with this treatment?

We absolutely can! We are certified Biote providers. We will qualify our patients based on their lab results and current hormone levels. We have taken all the courses, workshops, conferences, and processes to assure that you get the best treatment and results. If you want more information or request an appointment please feel free to contact us.

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